Office hacks: Word document input and orchestration to solve the problem

In the process of entering or arranging documents in Word, we may encounter some seemingly normal but affect the efficiency of the problem. For example, the input process of half-point and period interferes with the problem; form after the page, the title line can not automatically continue the problem. Learn the following methods to improve the efficiency of document entry and form layout.

1. a correct setting point no longer become a period

Usually we use Word Office software to deal with the text with data, in the use of some input methods to enter Chinese content, interspersed with decimal points in the middle of the number, always automatically enter the decimal point as a Chinese period, which often requires the input method to switch to the English state, to be entered and then switch to Chinese input mode. In this way, if you input more mixed data, it is inconvenient to operate and seriously affects the input efficiency. So, how can we quickly input decimal points in numbers without switching input methods? We can try the following two methods.

The first method is the use of Word tools in the “auto-correct” function to solve the problem. Click Word “File” menu, and then click on the “Options” command (Figure 1).


Next, in the Word Options window, click the left column of the “proofreading” item, and then in the right pane of the “AutoCorrect Options” group, click the “AutoCorrect Options” button (Figure 2).


In the subsequent “AutoCorrect” pop-up window, enter two periods in the “Replace” box “.” and in the “Replace with” box, enter a decimal point “.” in the English half-angle , click the “Add” button and OK (Figure 3).


In this way, the process of entering Chinese characters in the future, if you encounter again to enter the decimal point, without switching between English and Chinese state, directly enter the period twice, Word will automatically replace the two periods for the decimal point.

Tip: the above method can also be used to automatically correct the irregularity of the serial number input. For example, it is common for someone to mistakenly enter the serial number of “1.” as “1,” the case, simply in the auto-correct settings, the “1,” replaced by “1.” will do. For example, you can auto-correct the irregular expression of “200” in the year input to the standard “2000”, just type in the “Replace” box Just type “two hundred” in the “Replace with” box and “two hundred” in the “Replace with” box.

The second way to avoid the decimal point being replaced by a period in decimal input is to make full use of the intelligent punctuation switch setting that comes with the input method. For example, in Baidu Pinyin Input Method, there is such a setting. In the “Common” section of “Advanced Settings” of Baidu Pinyin Input Method, just check “Use English punctuation for Chinese” to ensure that when Chinese characters are mixed with decimal numbers, the full stop will not appear in the process of inputting The decimal point will not be replaced by a period in the input process (Figure 4). If other input methods have similar setting options, you can also use them.


2. multi-page continuous form title automatically full append

Word inserted in the form if it is very long, how to achieve in the case of entering only one line of title, the other pages can print the same title across the page? In addition, if a page of the form is filled with data need to start another page of additional data, how can I achieve the next page of the title is also automatically brought into it?

First, you can create a table in Word containing the required rows, and then all the data into the table. Suppose the first line of the title line, select the line and right-click, in the pop-up menu, select “Form Properties” (Figure 5).


In the subsequent appearance of the table properties settings window, click the “Rows” tab, and then the “Options” grouping under the “repeated at the top of each page in the form of a header row” check box and click the “OK” button (Figure 6). After that, we will find that in the other pages of the form of the first line, will automatically appear with the first page of the same title line, so that we do not need to paste a line for each page artificial title.


If a page after the completion of the need to enter additional form content on another page, simply in the last line of this page, the last column of the cell, press the Enter key or Tab key, you can automatically jump to the next page, and in the first line automatically generate the same title line, followed by the second line to enter the content.

Word in the tabulation function is, after all, limited, in order to quickly reach a richer style with the title of the continuous table, the use of Excel table migration approach, you can easily achieve a variety of table format automatic title line continuation.

First, in Excel to create the required long table, and then all the contents of the copy. Next, switch to the Word layout to selectively paste the form in Excel to copy into Word. Select the first line of the table (title line), and then the same in the table properties of the line properties dialog box, check the “repeated at the top of each page in the form of a title line” check box and confirm (Figure 7).


Similarly, when the form input to the last line, you need to start another line of input, simply in the last form on this page, press the Tab key, you can automatically generate a form with a title on the next page, and the form style will automatically continue the previous style, then enter the content directly below on it (Figure 8).


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