Office hacks: Word documents and Excel tables to manage each other

If the Word document involves Excel tables, or Excel tables to mention the Word document, how can you do not exit the current document or form window, to achieve the required form or document easy to call? If the use of hyperlinks to solve the problem, affecting the beauty of printing, and how to solve it?

1. create super hyperlinks document forms to manage each other

In the use of Word to produce reports, if it involves some tables or charts information, jump out of the Word environment and then open Excel to view, obviously more trouble. At this point, the creation of Excel tables in Word link, it will bring great convenience to use.

First of all, open the Word document, the cursor will be placed in the place where you want to insert the Excel link; click “Insert → Link”, select “Link” button (Figure 1).


Subsequently, in the Insert Link dialog window opens, locate the Excel form to be inserted; in the “text to display” box, enter the link to display the text; click on the “screen tips” button, enter when the mouse is placed on the link to display the screen tips; Finally, click the “OK” button to insert the Excel link into the Word document (Figure 2).


After that, we will see that new blue text with an underline has been added to the cursor, showing the name of the table set. To use it, simply move the mouse over the link to see a description of the table. At this point, while pressing the Ctrl key, click on the blue link to open the linked Excel table (Figure 3).


Tip: As the form itself is not built into the Word document, so in the production of Word documents, the reference to the form is best placed in the Word document is located in the directory, the relative position should not change.

Similarly, if you want to manage some Word documents in Excel, you can also load Word documents by inserting a link (Figure 4).


2. the wonderful use of Ctrl + Z display printing the best of both worlds

Use hyperlinks to achieve mutual management of the document form will have a problem: whether in Word inserted into Excel, or in Excel inserted into Word, the underline will affect the aesthetics, especially when printing. If you do not want to print in the paper underline, you can delete these link properties before printing, and then start printing; after printing, repeatedly use the Ctrl + Z key combination, undo the series of deletion actions just done, you can restore the hyperlink.

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