Office hacks: Word how to make the standard three-line table

Three-line table is now very commonly used a word form, in the writing of articles, there is always some form of drawing, of course, the most standard form is the three-line table. Three-line table, usually including the table header, table body and table notes, etc., the second line is the thinnest, used as a distinction between the boundaries, the upper and lower lines are thicker. The document produced with the three-line table, simple to read and easy to modify, but also more intuitive expression of the author’s core meaning. So how to make a three-line diagram in word?

First, create a new Word page, and click on the taskbar above the “Insert” tab, select the table in the insert, and then select the three tables, click to generate.


Click to select this three-column table, and then in the “Table Tools” in the “Design”.


Click the top right border line, click on the thickness to select 1.5 pounds, and then click to select a border brush, use the left mouse button on the first line of the form and the last line click to draw into the 1.5 pounds of thickness. Then select 0.75 pounds again, select a line in the middle of the form to draw.




To this point it is still a 3 × 4 table, it does not look like a three-line table, we need to continue to operate to remove unnecessary borders. Or click the left mouse button to circle the form, switch the tab to “Design”, and then click “Borders”, respectively, click the “upper border” and “Bottom border”.


At this point, we click the mouse, the cursor on the first line of the form, repeat the action just now, switch the tab to “Design”, and then click on the “border”, respectively, click the “upper border “and” under the border “so that the extra border line disappeared, the three-line form production is complete.



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