Word “problem” horizontal and vertical page coexistence so do

It’s almost the middle of the year, so it’s time for the guys to catch up on their papers and reports. In these manuscripts, there are inevitably some large charts and pictures, and they are often relatively wide. In the common portrait page, the size of these charts is limited, whether it is printed or direct viewing effect is very poor. Then let’s talk about how to simply add horizontal and vertical pages in Word at the same time.


For example, there is now such a Word document, you want to change one of the pages to horizontal, while the other pages remain vertical, then we can handle this.


For example, we want to turn the seventh page into a horizontal page, then click the mouse on the previous page, that is, the end of page 6, the cursor will remain here, and then click on the Word above the “layout”, in the “separator” click “next page “(Office2016 and past versions of “Layout → Page Setup → Separator → Next Page”).


At this point, the cursor will move to the beginning of page 7, then move the cursor to the end of page 7, click “Layout → Separator → Next Page”, it will automatically jump to the beginning of page 8. Finally, reposition the cursor to the beginning of page 7, click again “Layout ¡ú Paper Orientation ¡ú Landscape” on it (Office 2016 and previous versions of “Layout ¡ú Page Setup ¡ú Paper Orientation ¡ú Landscape”).


If the content has been written, you want to set some of the content page as a horizontal page, then you can first select the content you want to set as a horizontal page, click on the Word above the “layout”, and then click on the “page settings” column right under the derivation settings page, pop-up pop-up page, set the paper direction to “horizontal”, and in the bottom of the “applied to” modified to “selected text” to determine, so you can.



It is important to note that if the text is mixed, such as pictures with more pictures below the note, then into a horizontal page, because of the increase in picture size and text alignment changes, there may be too much content, then Word will automatically increase the page, and automatically increase the page is still a horizontal page. We need to adjust as needed.


Use similar methods can actually be inserted in the same Word document in different sizes of pages, such as the common A4 format page inserted into the A3 format page, used to place large tables and pictures. And when printing, pay attention to the size of the paper supply, the binding will be folded into the large-size pages (you can refer to some books, magazines, pull pages), which can definitely make the tables, pictures more shocking effect.



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