Office hacks: Word quick typesetting joint official document header

For some matters involving multi-departmental management, if a joint document is to be issued, we often need to arrange the names of multiple units in separate lines in the header of the document, and add “Official Document”, “Notice” and other similar text afterwards. The conventional method is to fill in this information manually, which is not only tedious, but also difficult to align and ensure the uniform format. For the release of similar joint documents, we can now use Word’s own components to efficiently complete.

Two lines in one

If there are only two units in a joint release, then we can use the two lines in one tool to juxtapose the parallel units. For example, the following text “XXX Provincial People’s Government of the Women’s Federation of the Federation of Persons with Disabilities document”, now you need to “Women’s Federation of Persons with Disabilities” parallel.

First of all, type the above text in Word, then select the “Women’s Federation of the disabled” text, click “Start – paragraph – Chinese version of the style – two lines in one,” in the window that opens check the “with brackets “, click OK (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Two lines in one

So that the original two units can be arranged side by side, follow the prompts in which the text of the font size, font, color settings can be (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Display Effect

Table alignment

Two lines together to facilitate the alignment of the two units to set, if there are more units such as three, four, at this time we can use the table method to its, to 3 units as an example.

Click on the “Insert – Table”, insert a prompt in Word in three rows of three tables, and then enter the above text in each column in turn, then select the first column, click on the “Form Tools – Merge Cells”, while the layout is set to “right-aligned in the middle”. The same as the third column will be merged, the layout of the “middle left-aligned”, the second column of text alignment to select the “scattered alignment” (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Table Settings

Select all tables, click the “Form Tools – Cell Margins”, the top and bottom margins are set to 0, click the “Form Tools – no box line”, the table to remove the border display, while adjusting the size of the cell, so that an arrangement of three units of the joint document header can be completed. If there are more units operate as above, just add the number of lines to increase the number of units (Figure 4).


Figure 4 The effect of displaying no frame lines

Of course the table settings are still somewhat cumbersome, we can also directly use the method of screenshots to achieve. As above in Word directly insert a cell, and then enter the names of the three units in turn (one line per name), and the cell font is set to scattered alignment, no frame lines. Then copy – selectively paste as a picture, and then in the use of the crop tool to crop to the appropriate size, so that the picture floating above the text can be inserted into the original text (Figure 5).


Figure 5 Picture way production

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