Office hacks: Word table in the serial number that little thing

Many people know that in Excel tables with the “ROW” function can be added continuously serial number, and in the deletion of a serial number, all serial numbers can also appear consecutively, but if it is in the Word table, and how to achieve the above effect? In fact, in Word form with a good “item number”, it can be a good solution to the above problem.

Tip: the screenshot in this article is completed in Word 2019, the method in Word 2003 to 2019 versions are applicable, the operation of each version may be slightly different.

In the Word table, select the need to insert the serial number of the cell. Switch to the “Start” tab, click “Number → define a new number format”, in the pop-up window “numbering style” to select the required style, such as “1,2,3,…” in the “numbering format” at the “1.” to “1”, “alignment” at the choice of “Center”. OK, the selected list of cells to insert the serial number.


If you want to achieve the horizontal serial number in the table, how to do it? Just insert the serial number in each column according to the above method, select each serial number, respectively, right-click, select “continue to number”, so as to achieve the horizontal serial number.


If you need to insert the serial number of a column is not from “1” to start, such as the example of the third column to insert the serial number from the serial number “8” to start, then how to achieve it? At this point, select the need for the serial number of the cell, use the above method to insert the serial number after selecting the serial number inserted, right-click, select “set the number value”, in the pop-up window “value set to” at the input “8 “, OK can be.



Look carefully, it is not difficult to find that the inserted serial number is not really centered, there seems to be a “space” behind the serial number, then how to remove this “space”, so that the serial number is really centered? At this point, you need to select the inserted serial number (here you need to emphasize, not to select the cell where the serial number, but only select the inserted serial number), right-click, select “Adjust List Indent”, in the pop-up window of the “number position” set to “0 cm”, in the “text indent” set to “0 cm”, in the “number after” set to “not specially marked”; then the serial number are selected, click the “center” button, so that the serial number is really centered.


Using this method to insert the serial number, even if you delete a line or add a new line, the serial number will be continuous, no broken number phenomenon.

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