Workbooks and worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2019

Another name for an Excel document is a workbook. Aworkbook consists of a number of sheets, calledworksheets. The default number of worksheets visiblewhen you open Excel is 1 (Sheet1). You can add a new sheet at any timeor set the default option to display more sheets upon opening eachworkbook. A sheet is similar to a page in a book. A workbook consists ofa collection of worksheets. Another name for a worksheet is aspreadsheet. Please note that one worksheet consists of many pages, ascan be seen in the following screenshot:

ms office 301

To move from sheet to sheet, you would either use the sheet tabscrolls, click on the sheet tabs individually, use the … navigation icon to move to the right orleft one sheet at a time, or right-click over the sheet tab scrolls andselect the sheet name to navigate to, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 59

You can also use the Ctrl + click method to move tothe very first or very last worksheet in the workbook (skipping all thesheets in between), as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 462

When working with a large worksheet, you will not always able to seeall of the sheet tabs at once. If you cannot locate a sheet, right-clickover the tab scroll buttons to obtain a list of available sheets in theworkbook. This will populate the Activate dialog box, where you can select asheet name, and then click on the OKcommand to move directly to that sheet in the workbook.

The title bar in Excel displays the name of the workbook that iscurrently open. Book1.xlsx would represent the first openunsaved workbook. We can collapse the ribbon in exactly the same way asthe other Office 2019 applications. These generic sections (hot keys,tool tips, tabs, groups, dialog box launcher, Quick AccessToolbar (QAT), and the ribbon) are all coveredin the first chapter of this book, so we will not cover these againhere.

In the next topic, we will investigate the function of the NameBox.

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