Working with form views in Microsoft Access 2019

A form has three different views, which are as follows:

  • Form viewA user-friendlyway of displaying and entering data. Data, as well as records, can bechanged and deleted. The structure of the form cannot be changed here.Data entered on a form is updated to the underlying table that was usedto create the form.
  • Layout viewThis view issimilar to Design view, except sometasks are easier to perform in one view than the other. Layout view is best for changing the lookand feel of the form as you can rearrange fields and change sizes orapply custom styles while viewing the data. In Design view, you would not be able topreview these changes. It is easy to control the alignment of items inthis view. If a particular design change cannot be performed in Layout view, Access will prompt you toswitch to Design view.
  • Design viewThe layout ofthe form is altered in this view. This is where all the structuralchanges are made. New fields can be added to the form in this view fromthe field list box. Field Propertiescan also be changed here. Data cannot be added to Design view. More experienced userswill design forms from scratch here.

These views are accessible using one of the following methods:

  • Click on the Home tab and selectthe drop-down arrow on the View iconto the very left of the window, or right-click on the form’s titlebar:

  • Right-click on the form name from the Navigation pane.

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