Working with the Developer tab and formcontrols in Microsoft Word 2019

The first step is to set up your Word 2019 environment tocreate forms. By this, we mean that the Developer tab must be visible as a tab,along the ribbon:

  1. Click to select File | Optionsfrom the list provided. Then, click the Customize Ribbon icon down the left-handside.
  2. On the right, under the Customize theRibbon option, make sure that the Main tab is selected, then locate Developer and ensure that the checkbox isactivated to the left it. Click on OKto confirm this.
  3. This will add the Developer tab tothe existing ribbon. 

Content controls are located within the Controls group on the Developer tab. There are two main types ofcontrols – content controls andlegacy form controls. There are more content controloptions than legacy controls, and they do not require any type ofprotection to make them active for user input.

Legacy controls need to be protected using the restrict editingoption so that they are active for user input. Legacy controls are alsosometimes preferred for complex documents. The reason for this is thatwhen using the legacy controls, the form can be protected using theFilling in forms feature, which stopsusers from editing that particular area of the form:

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In addition, macros can be used to refine input and createcomputations. You will learn how to protect a form later in thissection. 

Let’s create a basic form using some of the controls located on theDeveloper tab.

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