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Marine Aquarium (hereinafter referred to as “MAquarium”) is a tropical fish screensaver that allows you to turn your screen into a fish tank and keep fish according to your preferences. MAquarium offers a wide range of tropical fish to choose from, and it also supports adding personalized logos, background music, and more. Please join me to enjoy the unique charm of MAquarium!

Many tropical fish to choose from

First of all, from下载MAquarium安装运行, MAquarium will be automatically prompted to set as the system screensaver, click “OK” button, you can preview to Click “OK” button to preview the realistic effect of MAquarium fish tank screensaver (Figure 1).


Now there are only a limited number of tropical fish in the MAquarium screensaver, you can add as many as you like, right-click anywhere in the screensaver and select “Settings” to open the “MAquarium Settings” dialog box and click the “Fish Settings” button to open the “Select Fish” dialog box (Figure 2), select a tropical fish of your choice and click the “▲” button to the right of the “number in the tank”, you can set the number of tropical fish in the tank, and finally click the “OK” button.


Tip: Click the “All Random” button, then click the “▲” button to the right of “Random Fish” to set the kind of fish that will appear randomly in the fish tank, then you can make the Tropical fish will appear randomly.

Personalized Logo

If you are careful, you may find that the reefs in the aquarium are covered with MAquarium’s own logo, which can be customized as a clock or a child’s photo, etc. It is very easy to do so.

In the MAquarium settings window, click on the “Clocks and Logos” button to open a dialog with the same name (Figure 3) and click on “Analog Clock”, “Digital Clock Click on the “Analog Clock”, “Digital Clock” or “Calendar” buttons to add the relevant logos. Then set each Logo in the fish tank to stay in the time (such as “5” seconds), and finally click “OK” can be.


Tip: Click the “Load Logo” button in the upper left corner, you can also import custom PNG or BMP format Logo (such as photos of children, etc.), in addition, if you do not like any Logo in the fish tank, you can use Fireworks to create a PNG image that does not contain any content, the background is transparent. Then you can add it.

MAquarium Transformation Player

MAquarium, a fish tank screensaver, not only allows us to add various lifelike tropical fish, but also supports playing MP3 music. So we can enjoy the tropical fish and relax by listening to the music at the same time.

Click the “Music Playlist” button in the MAquarium settings window to open a dialog box with the same name (Figure 4), then click the “Add” button to add your favorite MP3 music, and finally check the Check the “Random Play” checkbox, and click the “OK” button.


Tip: CanonGuitar.sgt is a sound file that comes with MAquarium, if you don’t like it, you can check the option and then click the “Clear” button to clear it.

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