Xiao Schedule – WeChat public and PC desktop synchronization

Nowadays, the pace of study and life is getting faster and faster, so it is easy to forget many daily chores, but for office workers, adding an effective task management and reminder tool to their computer desktop and cell phone will make us work twice as hard. Today, I introduce Xiao Schedule is such a tool, which can effectively manage our daily routine and share data between cell phones and PCs.

Share schedule reminders with friends

For mobile users, Dawn Agenda uses the public number to achieve all functions. For both Android and Apple users, you can search and follow “Dawn Calendar” public number, and then enter the public number to use the calendar reminder function.

Click “Calendar” in the public number to enter My Calendar, and click “+” on the right to create a new calendar. Suppose you are going to have a dinner with your friends on the weekend, you can set a reminder calendar, set the party address, start and end reminder time, then select “need to sign up” in the sharing list, and finally click “Save” (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Calendar setting

Once you have finished creating the calendar, you can click the Share button in the upper right corner, select your friends who are ready to attend the gathering in the WeChat friends list, and share the calendar with them. When your friends receive the calendar share, they can click “Confirm” if they want to attend such a party (Figure 2). For friends who confirm to attend, the data will be sent back to the invitation sponsor, so we can keep track of how many people will actually attend the party.


Figure 2 Confirmation message received by a friend

Special reminders for special events

For some uncertain matters, we can click “Pending” on the task creation page and enter the pending task description. For example, if the annual audit of some documents just needs to be completed by a certain date, you can put it in the pending tasks, and its status will be shown as “Incomplete”, and you can set the priority according to the transaction type, so that we can choose a suitable time to complete it (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Making pending tasks

Tip: For some special dates, Xiaoxian Calendar also provides a subscription function. Switch to “Hot Calendar→Chinese Holidays”, select “Chinese Holidays”, click “Subscribe”, and then when you switch to the calendar with Chinese holidays, you can see the detailed information of the holidays. You can also subscribe to the 2019 qualification exam schedule, famous team match time and other calendar reminders.

Connecting mobile and PC

In addition to creating calendar tasks on cell phone, Xiaoxiao Calendar can also synchronize between cell phone and PC, so that after we finish creating the calendar on cell phone, we can also synchronize to see the latest calendar information on PC.

Dawn Calendar supports Windows sidebar widget, open http://xricheng.com/index.html, download and install Dawn Calendar. After launching, use WeChat to scan the code and log in, the above schedule added in public will be automatically synchronized to the computer side, select the tasks made or subscribed above, and you can see the synchronized tasks on the desktop (Figure 4).


Figure 4 View synced tasks

For tasks that need to be set every month, or for some more complicated tasks, we can do it quickly on the computer using the keyboard and it will automatically sync to the phone as well (Figure 5).


Figure 5 Making tasks on the computer

You can choose pop-up message or add sound reminder on your computer. After you finish task synchronization, if you are at your computer, a reminder window will pop up on your desktop when the reminder time is up, and you will also receive a push message reminder from HiFi on your phone, so you won’t forget important information anymore.

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