Your network is always broken? Understanding these points may help

Now broadband has become very popular, we have more and more devices to access the Internet, seemingly cool configuration, if the disconnection can not do anything, can only be disturbed. In fact, don’t be nervous about the disconnection, check it in order, add some tips and understand some cautions, most of the network can be smoothly opened in minutes.


Trouble with LAN IP

For families with many Internet devices, the most common problem is that one or more devices, mainly computers, cannot access the Internet due to IP address conflicts on the LAN. First, enter CMD in the Start menu and enter the Command Prompt mode.


Enter the command ipconfig/release to release the current IP configuration.


Then enter ipconfig/renew to have the computer automatically reacquire the LAN IP address. This will solve the IP conflict problem and reassign an unused IP by the routing DHCP function.


● Don’t be impatient when dial-up fails

Now many broadband use PPoE login method, need to verify the user name and password, many times encounter disconnection can no longer be connected, if you use the computer to log in directly, you will also find the error code from 651 to other numbers, which is likely to dial too often, so that the bureau (operation service providers) think that the client has problems, it is generally recommended that you dial again after 5 minutes, especially pay attention to set the router The retry time should not be set too fast. If you are just accidentally disconnected, you should be able to connect soon with a little patience.


● Wireless signal interference

If only wireless devices are disconnected, wired devices are completely fine, channel blockage of a wireless interference is the most likely. We can modify the wireless router settings in the “wireless channel and bandwidth” of the “channel”, if you do not know which channel is appropriate, you can use your phone to download a wireless signal analyzer APP, you can test which channel interference is the least.


● Excessive bending of the optical fiber

Using fiber optic partners, you can also run along the fiber optic line to see if there is too much bending. Because the light may shoot out of the fiber optic line when the angle is too large, resulting in signal loss, so it is best to use a smooth transition in the turn, the straight part and as straight as possible, do not follow the habit of using the network cable, directly bend 90 °, or leave some small bends.


● Checking downloads and updates

Those who like to use downloading software probably also find that other devices, or even the computer itself, cannot open web pages and other situations when they are downloading with pleasure. This is because the download function takes up too many resources and must be limited. I recommend that the maximum number of tasks to be downloaded at the same time be set to a maximum of 5, maximum connection 500, maximum download speed at least 1MB/s free, and maximum upload speed limited to 10kB/s.



As for partners using earlier versions of Win10, you can also consider a little update, in several versions of the update include optimization for the network, which can reduce network problems such as disconnections.


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